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for garden, balcony and terrasse

Beer without hops? Not possible.

No wonder that hops is called the „soul of beer“

Cultivated in Germany already since 8th century

Hops are the flowers of the hop plant, a member of the cannabaceae family of flowering plants. It grows up to 7 m, the flowers appear from june to august and ripen from july to september. Hops ages up to 50 years and grows every year out of ist wooden base. Germany is one the leading hops producing countries in the world. 70 % of the harvest is exported into more than 100 countries globally. Hops is added with only 100 – 400 g per 100 l beer depending on the expected bitterness.

Source: Unsere Bauern e.V.

Hops Hopfenanbau

„Only few people know that brew hops is an excellent garden plant.“


Alexander Heinrich
The hops expert of Elsner pac

Unexpectedly Thiendorf, close to Dresden, is Germany´s centre of excellence regarding hops.

It is the birthplace of HOPS where all our plants derive from in best quality.

At Elsner pac all hops plants are tested for possible diseases and propagated to supply fresh plants for agricultural hops growers around the world.

Your brew hops for garden, balcony and terrasse

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HOPS is a garden plant of superlatives: It is decorative and growing fast, and even winterhardy. It can ideally be used to green blank walls and provide living screens. HOPS can be used for urban green projects. It is also a nice give away in any garden party for beer lovers and plant enthousiasts.

Growth type: climbing plant
growth height: from 250cm to 600cm
flower colours: green
flowering time (month): July to August
Light conditions: Sunny to semi-shadow
Planting: Garden or large pot
Nutrition: Medium to high, ideally: Hops plant food
Toxicity: Non toxic
Winderhardy: Winderhardy

Hops can be planted in a large pot or directly into the garden. You can plant from spring up to autumn. You can expect flowers in the very same year only if planted in spring, otherwise Hops will flower the year after. Hops is winterhardy. You can use Hops for many purposes, but Hops needs for climbing support, like a wire or a frame. Hops is ideally for creating a green screen or cover a blank wall. You have to cut the bines in autumn and possibly use them for decoration in flower bouquets.

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Landesgartenschau Lindau

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Görlitz, Sachsen

Landskron aus Görlitz, Deutschlands größte Brau-Manufaktur, die mit handwerklicher Braukunst natürlich ausgereifte Meisterbiere in qualitativ hochwertiger Sortenvielfalt braut, unterstützt die Kampagne HOPS.

Richard Petri: „Wir freuen uns, dass wir mit Landskron, einem Urgestein höchster Braukunst, einen starken Fürsprecher für unseren Brauhopfen als Gartenpflanze an unserer Seite haben.“

Where to buy HOPS

Rosengut Langerwisch
Am Gut 5
14552 Michendorf OT Langerwisch

Gärtnerei Gentz
An der Chaussee 23
14542 Werder (Havel)

Hermann Rothe Gartenbau
Clayallee 282
14169 Berlin-Zehlendorf

Christian Buba Gartenbau
Potsdamer Chaussee 51
14476 Potsdam

Potsdamer Blumen e.G.
Hauffstraße 41
14548 Schwielowsee OT Geltow

Gartenbau Eberhard Vorpahl
Anklamer Str. 7
17126 Jarmen

Gärtnerei Möller
Richtenberger Str. 32
18311 Ribnitz-Damgarten

H. & B. Blumenthal GmbH
Karl-Marx-Str. 20
16949 Putlitz

Baumschule Spantekow
Schwerinshorst 3
17392 Spantekow

Gärtnerei Urban
Dorf Triwalk 28A
23973 Lübow OT Triwalk

Gartenbau Andrea Lüders
An der Wegemühle 3
16928 Pritzwalk

Gärtnerei Kreitz
Breiter Weg 2
37191 Katlenburg-Lindau

Gärtnerei Hauf
Nagelshub 5
88171 Simmerberg (Allgäu)

Gartenbau Christian Filla Kortweg 9
47638 Straelen

Heinje Baumschule
Rüsseldorf 6
26188 Edewecht

Gartenbau Andreas Zwickel
Mattsieser Str. 29
87775 Salgen-Hausen

Gartenbau Rülcker GmbH Reicker Str. 43
01219 Dresden

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